Welcome to CubDesign—put simply, we create websites and digital experiences. Specialists in development and design for brands that want to convert. Expertise in Webflow, Framer, and bespoke website development.

Based in Auckland, NZ. Available anywhere.




Website Design & Development

At Cub Digital, we're all about crafting websites that not only look sharp but also sing your brand's tune loud and clear. Think sleek, modern designs that work seamlessly on any device, engaging your audience like never before. Our secret sauce? Combining our expertise with your vision to create an online experience that sticks in people's minds long after they've clicked away.

Custom Website Design
Responsive Development
User Experience (UX) Optimisation
Content Management System (CMS) Integration
E-commerce Integration


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Looking to skyrocket your online visibility? Our SEO wizards have got you covered. We're all about getting your website to the top of those search results, drawing in organic traffic like moths to a flame. With our strategic keyword know-how and top-notch optimisation techniques, your site will be the belle of the SERP ball, leaving competitors scratching their heads.

Keyword Research and Analysis
On-Page Optimisation
Content Creation & Optimisation
Link Building Strategies
Performance Tracking and Reporting


White Label Websites for Agencies

Our white label web development services allow you to expand your offerings without expanding your team. We'll seamlessly integrate with your agency, coding up custom Webflow sites, web apps, and e-commerce solutions that align with your design aesthetic and brand voice.

Website Development
UX Optimisaton
CMS Integration


E-commerce Solutions

Ready to rake in those online sales? Our e-commerce solutions are here to make it rain. Whether you're starting fresh or fine-tuning your current setup, we've got the tools and tricks to turn browsers into buyers. With user-friendly interfaces and secure payment gateways, we'll have your customers clicking 'checkout' faster than you can say "Cha-ching!"

Online Store Development
Product Catalog Management
Secure Payment Gateway Integration
Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)